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A complete range for hand hygiene at home and outside the home with ORGANIC Tea tree oil

An entire range designed for hand hygiene, and all those little objects they come into contact with, it is 100% VEGAN and contains ORGANIC Tea tree essential oil, with its known purifying and anti-septic properties, giving the range its characteristic fragrance.
Where products are no rinse, the content of ethyl alcohol fermented from cereals and molasses is guaranteed to be within the levels suitable for ensuring maximum hygiene and respect for skin.

  • The VEGAN answer to new hand hygiene needs
  • EFFECTIVE: No rinse hand gel and Sanitising surface spray with >60% alcohol content
  • With Organic Tea tree essential oils and other plant-based functional substances (Aloe vera Juice, essential oils, etc.)

Sanitising cleansing gel with tea tree

100 ml

Surface sanitising spray

100 ml